Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Foot coverings

After knocking up about 300 kms in VFF, my last 100 km or so have been in my bright orange Mizuno runners.

The VFF's have been good and I felt as though my feet were getting stronger by wearing them. They also helped big time to implement a new midffot strike running stride. The downside was that over distance they are very hard on the feet, especially around the metatarsal.

As long as my stride is correct I'm not feeling any achilles or PF pain when wearing the Mizunos. In fact my morning pilgramige down the stair case is getting better each day.

Die achilles pain.....I win!!


  1. Are you going with the orange eye sores for the marathon?

  2. yes. So you can spot me ahead in the distance as you are massaging your sore metatarsuls

  3. I hope you're not offering to massage my megasorearse